iETHCOM Industrial Firewall

iETHCOM industrial firewall is based on the whitelist strategy mechanism, using industrial protocol intelligent identification, protocol depth control, data encryption and other technical means to realize the industrial control network without changing the existing industrial network structure and system application Isolation and protection between different security domains.

iETHCOM industrial firewall has been widely used in electric power, steel, coal, petrochemical, tobacco and other fields to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the country’s infrastructure related to the national economy and people’s livelihood.



Typical applications:

  • Border protection: Industrial firewalls are deployed in the production control area, production monitoring area, and management information area to achieve vertical protection.
  • Area protection: Industrial firewalls are deployed between OPC servers and OPC clients to isolate different control areas horizontally.
  • Core protection: Industrial firewalls are deployed between the host computer and the core controller to control operations.

Product Features:

  • Plug and play to easily control

IETHCOM industrial firewall has two management modes: plug and play and Web independent management. Enable plug-and-play mode, the firewall can automatically register and obtain protection policies at the control end, realizing centralized management of multiple devices.

  • Deep analysis and accurate control

supports OPC DA, OPC UA, MODBUS, TCP, DNP3.0, IEC104, IEC61850, MMS, Profinet, S7-Commn and other industrial control protocols.

Based on the deep analysis of industrial control protocols, the firewall can control the read and write operations and range of data tags.

  • mode is easy to set.

IETHCOM industrial firewall supports three strategic working modes: learning mode, alarm mode and protection mode. The ability of network business processes can be learned intelligently, the firewall can automatically generate protection policies, and the three modes can be enabled step by step to minimize protection policies.

  • Certification compliance

wide temperature and wide pressure fan-free design, good Hangzhou electromagnetic interference, IP protection level up to IP40, IETHCOM industrial firewall can adapt to complex industrial site environment. The firewall supports two BYPASS mechanisms, software and hardware, through electromagnetic compatibility certification and power three-level safety certification, which can ensure the continuity of business to the greatest extent.