net-line FW-50

The diverse requirements in telecontrol are continually growing. To meet these demands, we have developed state-of-the-art telecontrol systems of the highest quality. In close collaboration with your customers, we are continuously optimising our products so that our portfolio can offer bespoke solutions for different performance requirements in the area of telecontrol, station control and automation technology with top products like the net-line FW-50. The latest variant of the series5e is also distinguished by flexibility, functionality and durability along with even more enhanced performance.

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The net-line FW-50 is a modular, universally usable remote terminal unit, which can at the same time be used as a high-stability router (if required also with redundancy) for demanding communication and automation applications. Up to six separate LAN network segments allow the control centre and process LANs to be decoupled.

The net-line FW-50: outstandingly flexible

With its plug-in I/O modules and interface modules with a high level of interference immunity, the FW-50 offers a great deal of flexibility. It can therefore be used as a simple communication router or as a remote terminal unit with small, medium or large I/O capacity. One advantage in this connection is the possibility of cost-efficient re-use of older SAE modules e.g. from the FW-10 and FW-40. Thanks to the three different sizes (S, M and L racks), the net-line FW-50 can be used for various applications, from small to very large capacity requirements.

Option of cascading

The net-line FW-50 can be extended individually: For the implementation of particularly large capacities, several FW-50 units can be cascaded. In this case several racks are linked via an internal LAN and managed with a common station address, in other words treated like a single station. Stations having a few thousand inputs and outputs can be realised in this manner. In total, up to 16 racks can be cascaded to a logical station. The system can be installed easily in any infrastructure thanks to the variety of mounting options (top-hat or wall mounting, 19 inch mounting brackets).

Configuration and commissioning

Convenience during project configuration and fast commissioning are outstanding features of the net-line FW-50. This is mainly down to the intuitive configuration software setIT. Numerous complex functions such as syntax checks for preventing input errors and error analyses with branch to the cause are conveniently integrated in the FW-50. The large number of configuration possibilities via USB memory stick or SD card and the option of PLC programming using codeIT reinforce the user-friendliness of the system. For ideal handling, all components like the interfaces, switches, removable terminals and status LEDS are realised on the front. These LEDs allow you to see the operating state at a quick glance. High functionality with easy operability – the FW-50 in a nutshell .

High IT security with the net-line FW-50

Like all products of the series5e, the FW-50 stands for high IT security. It enables extensive IT security measures, as required in the current requirement profiles of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. From the modern Linux kernel to extended firewall rules with granular activation through to user administration with free role assignment (RBAC): The FW-50 allows an outstandingly high level of IT security.

Application fields of the net-line FW-50

A series of powerful functional modules forms the basis of the numerous possibilities for using the FW-50. These include for example convenient cross-connection of information between different telecontrol stations, as well as the integration of external components (for instance protective device coupling via IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-103).

The most common applications of the FW-50 include its use as

  • a station and bay controller in medium-voltage and high-voltage switching stations with bay and power system control technology
  • a monitoring and control device in utilities and waste disposal operations and in industry
  • a monitoring and control device in gas pressure regulator stations and block valve stations
  • a data acquisition and communication system in transport and infrastructure applications

A particular strength of FW-50 lies in the implementation of communication tasks with substations and control systems of many different manufacturers.

The FW-50 as connection-ready complete solutions

If required, the FW-50 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use complete solution. In this case we design and realise on the basis of exact specifications bespoke, properly wired switchgear cabinets corresponding precisely to the agreed requirement profiles. If required, we deliver directly to the installation site.

You can find more information on the technical specifications of the FW-50 in the data sheet of the model.

Technical Data

  • IEC 61850 IED and protective device coupling
  • IEC 60870-5-101 telecontrol technology, station control technology
  • IEC 60870-5-103 protective device coupling
  • IEC 60870-5-104 TCP/IP coupling to control centre
  • DNP3 server, serial/IP
  • IEC 62056-21 meter connection (IEC 1107)
  • SML meter connection via Ethernet
  • DSFG interface for natural gas equipment
  • Profibus-DP master/slave
  • MPI/3964R/RK512 l fieldbus
  • SNMPv3 l network management
  • NTP/SNTP/DCF clock synchronisation
  • VPN tunnel (IPsec IKEv1/IKEv2, OpenVPN*, GRE*)
  • Syslog-ng Server
  • LDAP and RADIUS server*

* available from series5e

  • Dedicated lines
  • Dial-up line
  • FunkLAN (Radio LAN)
  • TETRA radio
  • FO, fiber optics
  • DSL and SHDSL
  • 3G/4G mobile communication via GPRS, EDGE, HSPA/UMTS and LTE

In addition, an extensive range of plug-in measuring, set point, indication, command as well as mixed and special cards are available. You can find a complete list in the data sheet.

  • FW-50-4 l 4 slots, 64 digital I/O*, 32 analogue I/O*
  • FW-50-7 l 7 slots, 112 digital I/O*, 56 analogue I/O*
  • FW-50-14 l 14 slots, 224 digital I/O*, 112 analogue I/O*

* The maximum values only apply to limited extent, as some extensions use identical resources