We are in a fortunate position: We must adapt constantly to new situations. We have been doing this for over 45 years. As a result we have not only mastered our own technical field, but also acquired extensive knowledge of related technologies. In this manner we have grown something that our customers can appreciate: Solutions expertise. Total solutions expertise.

Common services

Individual support of all or selected phases of a project. On-site inspection to determine the ideal topology taking into account the existing infrastructure. Support when designing a system, selecting external components, finding partners for partial performances. Selection of appropriate communication paths. Development of the overall system concept.


The world of IT is the subject of continual change. New technologies bring with them extraordinary capabilities but also harbour considerable risks. Both public and private infrastructures are sensitive targets; their disruption can entail major impacting. We faced up to these risks early and resolutely – for you and for us all!

Security benefits

Exemplary implementation of IT security features within our telecontrol systems, safeguarding of internal SAE processes, provision of secure protocols, ability to disable potentially critical communication paths, genuine end-to-end VPN encryption, implemented user management with predefined roll concepts, and much more. Put us to the test!